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My name is Travis Lishok, and I’m a security practitioner who loves to learn.

Born and raised in Orange County, CA. I previously started a blog called EP Nexus back in 2015, but I later realized that the focus of that blog was wayyy too narrow.

Why this site…

After 10 years in the security industry, I realized how little I really know about all the sub-fields of security…and how little the “experts” in our field actually know when it comes to broad security issues.

This inspired me to start this new podcast + blog. My goal is to educate security practitioners (myself included) about the range of security sub-fields and roles across the security risk management spectrum, how our fellow practitioners in these unique roles are protecting life and assets, and how we can become well-rounded practitioners to better uphold our responsibility to protect all the things.

Where I’m coming from

My career / education / life experiences look like this (in this order):

  1. Birth
  2. Get average grades in school for 12 years
  3. Join USMC Reserve as an MP
  4. Get a poli sci degree and an EMT license
  5. Work graveyard shift as a security guard at Disneyland
  6. Work in corporate executive protection
  7. Go to a bunch of EP and OSINT courses and read tons of books
  8. Start a blog
  9. Work for a private investigative firm
  10. Work for a security technology startup (investigations, GRC, SaaS, etc.)
  11. Finish my applied psych MS program
  12. Finally earn my blue belt in BJJ (but still don’t know anything)
  13. Kill old blog and start this one w/ podcast
  14. …Currently doing physical security consulting

Interests and activities

I love learning (if I haven’t already mentioned that).

Topics of interest include psychology, all things security, human-computer interaction, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and stoic / existential philosophy. (Send me book recommendations so I can be less ignorant)

Also, getting outside and doing things that are difficult is a passion too. Running, hiking, lifting, etc.

Current project: studying for the PMP.

Life view

Instead of boring you, I’ll just leave a few quotes that interest me:

“It is for this reason that every good example is a fateful challenge, and every hero, a judge. Michelangelo’s great perfect marble David cries out to its observer: ‘You could be more than you are.’ When you dare aspire upward, you reveal the inadequacy of the present and the promise of a future.” — Jordan Peterson, “12 Rules for Life”

“If you’re a saint living in a world full of murderers, it’s not going to work out well for you.”
— John Danaher, 6th degree black belt under Renzo Gracie

“Yet had he not gone a hundred steps, when there stole a man up to him and whispered in his ear! He that spake was the buffoon from the tower. ‘Leave this town, O Zarathustra,’ said he, ‘there are too many here who hate thee. The good and just hate thee, and call thee their enemy and despiser; the believers in the orthodox belief hate thee, and call thee a danger to the multitude. It was thy good fortune to be laughed at; and verily thou spakest like a buffoon. It was thy good fortune to associate with the dead dog; by so humiliating thyself thou hast saved thy life today. Depart, however, from this town, or tomorrow I shall jump over thee, a living man over a dead one.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche, “Thus Spake Zarathustra”

Reaching out

I’d love to hear from you whether you find this podcast + blog useful, whether you think it sucks (and how to improve it), recommendations for guests / topics, or just to say hello. Reach out to me on LinkedIn, the “contact” form, or my email / phone if you’ve got it.

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