Show Notes: Let’s Talk About Texas Night and Principles for Your Security Career with Chuck Andrews | Episode #26


In this next episode, I was joined by Chuck Andrews. He’s a leader in the security industry, with over 40 years of law enforcement and corporate security experience. He leads many giant projects, including The Friends of Chuck, Texas Night, and others.

Chuck’s earned his master’s in Security Executive Management from the University of Houston and holds the CPP, CFE, and many other certifications and accolades. Topics that we focused on include what’s in store for those attending Texas Night, Chuck’s philosophy about working in the security industry, and much more.

TX Night before GSX 2023
Date: Sunday, Sep 10, 2023
Time: 6:00 PM -10:00 PM CDT
Location: Gilley’s Dallas – 1135 Botham Jean Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75215
Entry: FREE to GSX attendees! Must be registered to attend. Entry ONLY by QR Code on your phone/printed ticket!!!

Register here:


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  • Friends of Chuck:

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Travis  0:00  
...Chuck, it was great seeing you back when we were in Kansas City just a couple months ago. I had a lot of fun there at the executive security operations conference. And I even got to get a copy of one of your books, which was great. I jumped into. Yes, sir. I thought you had some great topics there, especially as we think about people who are students of security people who are aspiring practitioners, people or who are just always seeking new learning opportunities. I thought there's some great ideas there. Everything from you talked about the importance of having fun and security, because you know, oftentimes we're involved in topics that are less fun, people are experiencing crisis or talking about threats, issues involving safety. I thought that was an excellent point. And then another really big thing, and I feel like it's not talked about enough, which is just relationship building, and then being there to help out our peers and security. I thought there was such great ideas there. Especially for people who are younger practitioners. I really do appreciate your book. I got a ton out of it. Thank you. Yeah, you're welcome, Travis. And I'm glad to hear it because that was the exact point of Yes, sir. Ssir strategy, intelligence and relationships. And my hope was and desire that everybody use it like a toolbox and get something out of it. So thanks for that validation. And I hope everybody enjoys it. Absolutely. And I hear you have something cooking up in Dallas around the time of GSX. Next month, can you tell me a little bit about that? Absolutely. We you know, it's, that's a good way to put it cooking it up right on the grill, right in Texas.

Chuck  3:09  
This and we're going into our ninth 10th year of an event called Texas night.

I've been a 35 year member of asis International and I had the great opportunity and privilege to serve on the international board. And I came off of the board. I don't know two, three years ago, just right before COVID started. And as I ascended through, there was a part of my tenure in that journey was I was appointed as the regional vice president for the state of Texas for asis International to oversee the chapter. So that's the way the org chart worked as a volunteer leader, and like any organization or opportunities to improve culture and communication, and you know, kind of the continuity between the chapters and as the RVP. My responsibility was the ASIS mission but you know, Texas being the size that it was we had six chapters like Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso Gulf Coast chapter, and the and the North Texas North Texas chapter. So the only way to muster everybody together is I came up with this idea said hey, at every asis international seminar and exhibits that's what we used to call it back then now ashtag asis GSX

It was all done. And you know, good humor, right? As part of that, but yeah, well, like I here. I'm here in Philly today, right? And it's like, I just didn't have the time. But when I go, I've already had seven people reach out. Chuck, can we meet up? Can we meet up? Right. And I usually try to just find a spot and then tell everybody out here and we can all get together and visit and talk about ideas and and you know, foster those friendships. So that's just comfortable, long way of explaining that. Yeah, it's really cool to hear about your initiatives around friends of Chuck and how that connects back to Texas night. And it almost gives other people out there a template for networking with their security peers in their own local community. So I think, yeah, it does provide a lot of these really important core ideas that we want to that we want to see within our peers in the community. Chuck, I'm really excited about Texas tonight. I know it's gonna be

Travis  40:00  
The September, September 10, at 6pm. And people will have to get out there and get their QR codes in advance. And I'll definitely be 100% sure to get those links out along with this podcast. And then also keep pushing it throughout the month so that we could get as many of our security peers out there as possible. But as we wrap things up, are there any other items that you wanted to share today? No, I think, yeah, just get your QR code. It'll take you a whopping nine seconds to register. Right. And, and it's probably easiest to use it on your mobile phones. So download the event, I think he had to do the Eventbrite. And that way, you could just show your phone and scan in or printed on a piece of paper.

Chuck  41:04  
But come and have a good time, people are going to be dressing up and doing their own themes, right representing their own companies or products, or whatever the case happens to be. And so that's I encourage people to do that. And please get the word out to everybody that you're attending, because, you know, listen, this thing is gonna fill fast. So

everybody should have a sense of urgency to get signed up. So they know they're going to be able to get in. Absolutely. And so many benefits. People can get their boots, if they forgot their boots at home, they could get their own boots. They're in Texas, they could get their hats. Live music drinks. What else? Copies of Yes, sir, if they don't already have one. So yeah, I'm really excited about this event, Chuck, and I will definitely help us spread the word. Yeah. Thank you. Appreciate you having me on the show. And I appreciate everything you do for the security industry. Absolutely. Thank you. And we'll definitely have to have you back in chat more about your career and dive into the book a little bit more. So we'll have to save that for next time. Absolutely. Awesome. Thanks, Chuck. And that concludes today's episode. Remember, show notes from today's chat can be found online at the security which includes a transcript, links to resources mentioned, and a quick summary of big ideas we touched on today. Final note, if you're finding my podcasts useful, and you want to help me in a very meaningful way, please go to the Apple podcasts app and write a quick review stating why you'd love the podcast.

we could try to muster together so I said, let's put it together Texas nine, we're going to put the contingency together for the great state of Texas and get everybody motivated and energize, get everybody on the same page. That's the continuity part, grow our communication based around the mission and kind of grow that culture. Are the ESPYs culture baked into these chapters? Gathering physically? Breaking bread, networking, exchanging ideas was the best way to do that started in Chicago in 2012. And here we are. Our biggest event was in Orlando 2016. With 3300 People gathering. Wow. That's interesting. It just taken on a life of its own in a very big in a very big way. We had a little pause during COVID. But we're back for our second year. Great things backup and Atlanta. We have the event at the foundry in Atlanta. We've had over 2000 people aggregate show up. So yeah, that's, that's that's how it all started. And we start the week off, right? On Sunday, December or excuse me, September 10. At 6pm, the doors open, it's open three, two asis GSX. Attendees, you need to register for asis GSX. And that means either on the floor register to go to the showroom floor for the hall or fourth full conference. And that's the only criteria for you to get in and be a part of the event. So let me pause. Let me pause there. Right.

Travis  6:22  
So that was a lot. And I did attend the event last year in Atlanta, and I was incredibly impressed. Just the number of people that you're able to gather. They're all the vendors supporting it all the sponsors. The food was great. The drinks were great. You had everything from live music dance floor. Yeah, it was just an incredible event. I was. I was very impressed, Chuck, I think get your gum into this event. Yes. Oh, absolutely. I will be there. What you

Chuck  6:53  
experienced in in Atlanta, multiply that 10x. So we're going to 92,000 square feet at Gilley's in Dallas, which by the way, is only a seven minute walk from the convention floor at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson, number one. Number two, free parking. As part of this event, this place is huge. It's the number one venue in Dallas Fort Worth. Mickey Gilley, right, it's called Gillies, and I'll take everybody you know, I gotta give context here. So did you watch? See the movie Urban Cowboy with John Travolta? I did a while ago. Yes. That was at the original film that the original Gillies in Pasadena, Texas, on the 400 Spencer highway. As a kid, I grew up maybe 30 miles away from Pasadena, Texas. And when that was filmed, a lot of my friends were extras in that, in that in that show. So in that movie, right, that mechanical bull that was used in the movie, which is the mechanical bull of Gillies, the original venue will be at Texas night. It's at Gillies, Dallas.

Travis  8:12  
That's pretty historic

Chuck  8:15  
barriers, a lot of a lot of history there. Sounds like a very cool venue. Yeah, you're gonna be able to ride the so here's what people are going to experience. It'll be it'll be quite epic. And it'll definitely be off the charts and it will set the tone for the entire week of asis GSX. We've got these great sponsors, prosecutors, title sponsor this year evolve as gold sponsor. And we have a huge list of other sponsors, they're all going to be there. And so first off, Big Texas Thank you, to them for being involved. This is this is an opportunity to start things off literally hours before the showroom floor opens. So when you get there, first thing you're going to see when you get in line, because you got to have a QR code by the way to get in. And hopefully, you'll be able to post that here for folks. Because if you don't register, and you don't have a QR code on your phone, through Eventbrite or on a piece of paper, well, Sheriff trucks as you can't get in. So

Travis  9:20  
we'll definitely include a link when we post this up. But

Chuck  9:23  
I want to make that super clear. And we know that not everybody's going to get this message. So we have created a giant QR code. So we can corral people off to the side. And they can instantly basically register while they're in line. So when you get in cute QR code, so when you get in, there'll be drones flying around probably a horse coming up to see you while you're standing in line and a few other cool things that are going to be happening. An ongoing PA system announcement welcoming every Body all using security innovations and technology and products, thanks to our sponsors, but you'll get in line. And first thing you'll do is get your QR code. So you can go to stage two. And there's actually going to be credentials there for you a lanyard with your name on it. Which is great because we that way everybody can know who you're from, where you're from, and your name, because this is a epic security powered networking event.

Travis  10:31  
If I could add just one thing to even just showing up to the Atlanta one, like, I didn't necessarily reach out to others and say, Hey, let's let's go meet over a Texas night. But just showing up, I ran into so many people that I recognized and so many people that I've worked with in the past, or people that have assisted me on projects. So I just found it great that I didn't have to reach out to anyone to organize anything. And I just happened to run into all the people that I wanted to see at GSX. So I think that's another great benefit for people showing up, you're very likely to see all the people that you've been working on projects with over the years and that you've worked with in the past. So I think that's a great benefit to How cool was that? Right? Yeah, it was awesome. Got to see my old boss, some old coworkers, friends from my old, old old job, people that I've just interacted with on LinkedIn. Got to see everyone it was great.

Chuck  11:26  
Yeah, and all those people you've been talking to on LinkedIn for 567 years, three months, two days, they're all going to be there. Right, actually, and look at the the act of human engagement, you know, being human, right? It requires that physical engagement. And even in the year 2023, there's not there's nothing that replaces human interaction. And it's very powerful. And that's why events like this remain critical and popular. And this is no different. So as you move through the line, you're gonna get a wristband, but you got to Dawn all night long, right to identify your presence. Obviously, we'll have security and law enforcement there. For the event. First thing you're going to do when you walk into the lobby area to the left is the saloon. The saloon is where evolved is going to have their event at and people will be able to engage and participate in that as you walk down, that's the Lonestar room, everybody will go through and that's where all our sponsors vendors are going to be is inside that particular room. Next, as you keep walking down the hallway is the browses room. Notice all these Texas themes right? The Brazos River rises, the Lonestar room, the saloon, right? We continue here at ya know women and security are going to have a special event there. And wi s you're going to hear more about that. As you move to the Pasadena room. Imagine that Mickey Gillies for his little legacy history there. You're probably going to find a giant Longhorn bull right there. Being placed around by robots. We got some other great surprises. I'm happy. Actually, you're gonna hear it first on your podcast. We have a boot company coming in a real Texas boot coming to the company from the Valley of South Texas. And people are going to get to see how Boots Are Made. You're going to have an opportunity to actually buy a pair of that something you want to do you're gonna actually pick up the different leathers crocodile hides ostrich hides all of that and really understand from a family that's been doing this for 50 years, so it's gonna be pretty cool for people to experience as you walk around, watch out for the armadillos on your under your feet. Armadillo races are going to be are going to be going on and then end into the south ballroom area which is 35,000 square feet are the main stages and Justin Mason band. My local amigo he'll be there with his band playing live country music all night while you have professional dance instructors teaching people how to do the cotton eyed Joe and the Texas Two Step right. It's gonna be and it's massive. It's it's huge. I think there's 540 or 80 foot bars in the south ballroom area. And the back porch of that area. You got the cigar lounge area. Jeff Slotnick has been doing that for years one of my long standing amigos and who is a subject matter expert in that and the military liaison community. And I know they're going to be doing a fundraiser right so you can make a donation and get the cigar that'll go in the back porch area. that whole area is our title sponsors area pro soccer, big shout out to tie the CEO there for his support on that. The other so there's gonna be a ton of activities you want your shoes or boots shine we'll have boot shiners in the area as part of this will have a gun competition, Quick Draw contest going on. You want your picture taken, you can have that physically done or digitally done by photo booths everywhere for everybody to enjoy. And to share is a piece of the memory. We're going to have artists they're doing caricatures as part of this to memorialize their their event there. Looks like we're going to have a hat maker there. Literally, you can have your hat made right there custom made, where we got everything. Travis upstairs is going to probably be the friend of Chuck ranch, and 9000 square feet with epic views of 3000 square feet of porch, people can go outside and enjoy. We're gonna have food everywhere. Texas Rangers whiskey will be there as the official whiskey company, Rebecca Creek and Enchanted Rock vodka, everybody's gonna get a drink ticket in the door, they can get anything that they want. And I'm going to design these tickets such that there's actually a keepsake piece from the event that you'll be able to keep with you. We got chucked ducks, my mom's coming again. She came last year, got to see after 30 plus years what her son gets to do she so much that we're gonna have this thing and this is first to announce on your show too, called Chuck's ducks will have the hidden around and we have some great prizes, you know, from companies like water burger and probably the American hat company and some others again, to give out prizes, my books. So, man, it's just gonna be a polar throw of, you know, stimulus from 360 degrees around you, right? Oh, that I mentioned, the Kevin McCoy band is going to be upstairs. This place is so big. It's going to have two country headliner bands.

Travis  17:21  
Wow. That is impressive to

Chuck  17:25  
me. So all people have to do is register on Eventbrite and I'm sure they can find that on your podcast. And as you push this thing out, it's gonna be it's gonna be epic. Right? And I have some other surprises about 10 others I'm not gonna I'm not gonna share that people are gonna want to experience Okay, I'm gonna give one away. Right? So are you familiar with the oldest and most famous law enforcement organization in the world in Texas,

Travis  17:53  
I have a feeling I just saw one of their challenge coins on LinkedIn this morning.

Chuck  17:59  
The Texas Rangers, this is their 200 year bicentennial. And we are going to commemorate them they the Texas Rangers will be there. And everybody will have a chance to support them through the 200 year Bicentennial five oh, they have a 501 C three. And we're going to be a big part of the fundraising. So to ride the mechanical bull you can make a contribution you'll get a chance to get a Texas Ranger 200 year Bicentennial coin like the one that you saw. Very rare, very coveted. I already have people now reaching out to me to reserve one or or get one now. Which people can do if they'll reach out to me on LinkedIn. I'm not hard to find Mr. Travis,

Travis  18:46  
you are not I? I really liked one of your posts recently. It was it was a picture of the airport terminal and all the people there. But each person had the Friends of Chuck logo as their head. I thought that was pretty hilarious. That was great.

Chuck  19:02  
I think I was on my way to Philly and I wanted to protect the innocent, right. So I Yeah, so perfect photos that I put out a bunch of stuff. And I think people enjoy it. It's just me being me. And I'm told I'm too I tell people I'm too old not to be me anymore. So you know, this, remember I live the Friends of Chuck Montra. And if you go to the website, you'll see it and it's real simple, right? And I've lived by this for a long time number one dream big. I'm from Texas, we don't do anything small. So there's no reason to dream small and and nobody should dream small. You know, number two, know how to have fun. Otherwise, why do it if you're in a toxic environment, you can't grow? Right? It Life is too short not to have fun and what you're doing and look things are hard. I'm still a Texas law woman and you know I will always do that. to serve my community, even though I retired full time from that a long time ago, and but still in Texas, you get to carry your law enforcement commission. So for me, right, it's about knowing how to have fun. And I encourage people to do that. And last, the third piece of our mantra is, you know, we get shit done. And that's what you should do drink big know how to have fun and get shit done. And if you know how to get stuff done, like in life, then you're going to feel better about yourself, you're going to be productive, you're going to move the needle, and you're making a contribution. And that's what people want, right? People don't leave their job, people leave their supervisors and their boss right in life. And a lot of that has to factor in the things that I'm talking about not You're not allowed to drink big, you're not allowed to have fun. And you're not allowed to get stuff done. And that's not, that's not what drives people. So I live by that mantra, right, that kind of explains me. And that's why I'm involved in so many different things across the planet, in over 100 countries. Yeah, and

Travis  21:07  
I think this event fix fits that perfectly. Because you're serving several communities. First, you're serving the security community, everyone that's in attendance, that you're connecting that with vendors with their peers. And then also you're able to raise money for the, like you mentioned the 200 year Bicentennial for the Texas Rangers. So you're able to also bring them in and bring, you know, have a lot of fun, have a lot of fun amenities for the event, but then also drive some money over to them and support their cars and their people. So I think that's a, I think that's amazing.

Chuck  21:41  
Yep. And we'll have some other security industry, nonprofits is there as well, attending and being a part of this, of which I am providing them the space and the opportunity, at the cost to Texas night. But that's our way and my way of making sure that we're doing trying to do the right thing, right and get everybody and make it exclusive, inclusive, and diverse. Because it's it's an experience, right? Everything we do in life is made up of an experience. And that needs to be as well rounded in our society and world in our industry as possible. And I've always tried to push that thing, because that's who I am. And that's how I was raised. And I'm just a byproduct of that. And the things that I do like Texas, Knight and Travis, you that was an excellent summary you just gave right? I mean, you no one's quite put it that eloquently. So well done. Thank

Travis  22:51  
you. Yeah. And it's great to see you really being able to set the example out there for other security practitioners who are also leading their own small initiatives in their communities in their states so that they could kind of see the example that you set and then incorporate some of those ideas to and giving back to their communities. And one thing, Chuck, I wanted to learn a little bit about this. So thinking about where Texas Knight is this year, I think you mentioned you mentioned 3000 plus people. How does that compare with your very first Texas night just so people could hear? Hey, where did it start? And then how did it get all the way here?

Chuck  23:30  
Well, listen, fire marshal will get really mad at me if I go with 1000 plus people, but you know, people will come and go so you have in the first hour, you have a couple 1000 People then we peek out at 3000. And then people leave for various reasons. And and then more people can come in, right. So first, we got to keep the but yeah, they want to hear the delta is 2900. So we started out with 100. Now, about 3000 is about right, right. I don't want anything bigger than that because I don't want to lose the intimacy of conversation. So people can have so literally like in the Lonestar room where all the sponsors and vendors will be. Look at the Music can't be so loud that people can't Converse. So I mean, I'm all about the details and about the maintenance. So the music won't be so loud, right that people can't engage in conversations. It's one of my pet peeves is going to a restaurant. I always pick a restaurant with my clients and people I'm meeting with and it's like, I need to be able to hear myself think you know what I'm saying? So like literally, the music will be controlled as it's piped in from the band in there as part as part of it so people can have quality conversations and look come to this event because it's going to be the hashtag this the epic security of end of the decade, number one, and you need a job, come meet people network, you want to win show up successes, you know, 80% of it is showing up, you got to show up, right? You have to engage with people. And I want people to come and engage, you know, create new business opportunities for yourself. Got to do that by engaging with people and building relationships. Right, Travis?

Travis  25:27  
Absolutely. Yeah, that's a great point. And you have the opportunity to see your peers to meet with new vendors and look at their technologies. And then also really just catch up with everyone that you haven't seen since the last conference. And it's really cool that you mentioned some of these other some of these other elements of the event everything from handmade boots to hats, you mentioned the armadillos honestly one of my favorite memories of being in Texas I lived there for several years. I have gone to this hiking trail out in San Antonio several times and I never seen an armadillo before and just seeing armadillos running around through the brush chasing each other I thought it was the funniest site ever because being from California you never see something like this when I first saw him I thought are these rats? What are these little things? Yeah, so I think just having such like fun elements like that. I think this is gonna be an awesome event. I'm really looking forward to it.

Chuck  26:26  
Yeah, and listen, there's so many great groups involved in it in listen I have to give a little shout out can I do that right quick? Mine really has a well let's start with the the obvious ones friends of Chuck right and this companies like Intel that's no small company there. There's a sponsor here Ray secure Gallagher worldwide right IP video. If pOH CSA 360 aracite My e force AI SG you're going to hear some stuff literally and physically from their from their system that's pretty cool SOC radar action ces they're all about prevention. You have the all this variety right of all these groups and this is really intentional on my part, so people see a different experience active intelligence right anomaly detection, CW EMA digital twin imaging Domo UniPro compliant technologies. Ep squared border protection professionals PPR, Rebecca Creek and Texas Ranger whiskey. Travis, you ever heard of Motorola? Just

Travis  27:36  
I have. I used to have one of their phones a while ago.

Chuck  27:39  
They're going to be there as well as well. Right? Tam see, right. The central Intel Kevin McCoy ban, just a mason ban. Big shout out to international security journal and the Security Security Journal of Americas for all their exposure and help on this. Kim Moyers over the world protection group all the Texas asis chapters, women in security community. Texas Rangers themselves and ghillie suits, just you know, some a few of them, there's going to be more unlimited technologies is coming on board, it looks like black cloak is coming on board. So yeah, man, it's just it's so exciting. This is like, this is the event to be at, and be a part of, if you want to win in this industry, and be successful and feel good about yourself. It all ends and begins with relationships. And these kinds of events remain relative and important. Because this is what really matters. In the end. I can't wait to see you there, Trump's.

Travis  28:48  
Yeah, and I can't emphasize that point enough to you, when you mentioned the importance of relationship building, especially for younger practitioners, I feel like this is something I didn't really start to learn until several years into my career was really, I really wish in my first one to my first couple of years, I would have made an effort to get out to more conferences to meet more practitioners, whether they're locally or whether it's going out of the state to a big event, like GSX in Texas night. I think it's just so critical to get out of your the bubble that we often work in and go talk to some of your peers who are at other organizations, it's going to help you in your day to day tasks, whether it's, you know, hey, I need any new format for my threat assessments or I don't know how to think about this. Or maybe it's, you know, maybe you know, my boss is a jerk, I kind of want to find another job. Like being able to get out there and network. It really gives you the opportunity to solve unlimited problems, whatever challenge it is that you might be facing in the workplace, or on the on the flip side. It also gives you the opportunity to help other people to help out another young practitioner or to find someone who might be looking for an entry level role, and guess what you're actually hiring for that exact position. So I think, especially for younger practitioners, it's definitely worth it to get the plane ticket, get a cheap hotel if you need to, or, Hey, stay with one of your friends, just find a way to get out there so that you can attend the event and rub elbows with all the people who you otherwise would just never have an opportunity to meet.

Chuck  30:26  
Man, it's you're so right, you were spot on, absolutely make the effort. It'll pay off in a big way. My world is all about relationships and friendships in the industry. I put that. I always say every time I have these conversations, and I try to be a mentor to lots of people, I keep saying young professionals, but I think they're calling it next gen now. Right?

Travis  30:56  
Yeah. Because some of us are young, we just don't look very young.

Chuck  31:02  
Right, exactly. But look, what's important is you know, friendships over finances, right? So it's like, in the end, that's all it really Mel is it's your friends and family and how you conduct yourself and doing business with people and and start building these relationships. So make the investment. I think I got three emails, I have to have someone actually helped me with my all my inbound stuff on LinkedIn. And because I, you know, LinkedIn was my first really coming out into the world of social media where I could write because I had to kind of be on the on the DL, download, right? And so there since day one, and now I have, you know, it's a huge communication piece for me. And I have all these people that reach out because of the posts that I put out there. And I average, you know, hundreds, you know, six digit impressions, right? Every time I put something out, and I'm much more interested in impressions than I am. Comments are nice, and they should continue and, but my analytic is really impressions. And, and so three or four or five people here this week, I don't even know, but they're young professionals, next gen. Demographic in the industry said, Hey, can I come to Texas night or somebody else says, had, you know, someone told me, you would be a good mentor? Right? And right, it's like all these, I'm telling them come to Texas night and meet other people, I can't mentor it for everybody. Right? I don't have that can be a full time job for me. Right to a lot of people, that young professional, but I need, you know, there's so many other people, that it would be good for them people that are tenured in the industry, and have the wisdom of enough failures to be successful that, you know, they feel good about giving back. And we all should be doing that in some capacity. So I'm trying to kind of share, share that with all these potential mentees, if you will. But yeah, showing up find a way to get here be a part of this engage. And whatever you do, or the love of God, please bring a business card.

Travis  33:31  
Yeah. Trust well bring a business card.

Chuck  33:35  
First impressions, right.

Travis  33:37  
Yeah, there you go more impressions. Right. Yeah. And to pivot off that a little chuck. You've mentioned the Friends of Chuck and that community, for people that are listening that are maybe they've read about it a little bit. They've seen the logo on LinkedIn, they've seen some links. Can you tell them a little bit more about friends of Chuck, and how they could get involved if they want to participate? Yeah.

Chuck  34:04  
Listen, for instance, Chuck is really this informal group that I started a long time ago for the purposes of giving identity of forming relationships based on the premise of the mantra I shared with you dream big night out, have fun, get stuff done. And the whole idea is to create and through an identity, right, which is my logo and brand name that I built in that was all very intentional, and by designed to be centric to friends of Chuck, who's chuck, chuck Andrews, Charles Andrews, right, and all the stuff that I've done. So I started that with the intent of like, okay, how do I build relationships in a big, Texas way? Because we don't do anything because you know, small, does. And and and keep quality and tact. So I formed friends of Chuck, so to help people find a job to help mentoring and coaching folks, creating business opportunities, investment opportunities, and really creating this connectivity. And the important part is that I'm connected to you, you're connected to me, what can we do mutually to help each other in the industry? And that resounded into the biggest private network in the world? So I think 161,000 security people, security directors CSOs, CISOs, law enforcement leadership in 100 countries now, we probably are probably touch. And in and in, you do this in a way the, it has to always be a win win. There's no membership fee to friends of Chuck, why would you do that? Right, that makes no sense whatsoever. And that's not conducive to success. People don't want to pay, for example, another org fee into a another security association or organization, but they want to be part of something, people, it's just human to be part of something. And, you know, depending on where you live, and where you were raised, and where you went to college, or didn't go to college, or what your trade craft is or what you do for a living. We have all these verticals that people aligned to want to be a part of, it's just human. And so I tried to create that environment with friends of Chuck to do exactly that. Be Friends of Chuck, and be friends with everybody else, and act on that premise. To help someone find a job, create new business deals, create new innovation and technology and intellectual property, investment opportunities, advising opportunities, consulting opportunities, grow their brand, grow there, right, all of this stuff. And it's just taken off a life on its own. And it's just about having that relationship. So yeah, I built all the things from Chuck bobblehead to friends at Chuck logo to all this stuff around the brand. I've given out, I don't know 250,000 Plus friends of Chuck pins, right. And people want to be a part of that. And the challenge coins, they want to be a part of that. And they appreciate that. Right. And that. So that's that's kind of, you know, my way of explaining, you know, the whole premise around friends of Chuck. And now I can pick up the phone, a cell phone and call anybody around the world and get things done. And that's the last mantra, by the way. Like literally, right? I mean, I can tell your stories that people can't even wrap their head around my access to people and companies and technology investments. Is is deep, far and wide in industry. And people wouldn't even believe what's kind of come out of that. I want people to duplicate that. People said, Hey, can we do a Friends of Chuck chapters? Right? I said, Well, yeah, sure if that's, you know, informally, right? Like my friend, Scott, louder, right? Scots up in Canada, my very dear friends in Calgary just recently moved and took a new role. And in California, got a great job. And he went, but when he was up in Canada, he was kind of he was friends with Chuck Canada, right....