Show Notes: Welcome to The Security Student Podcast | Episode #0

After 10 years in the security industry, I realized how little I really know about all the sub-fields of security…and how little the “experts” in our field actually know when it comes to broad security issues.

This inspired me to start this new podcast + blog. My goal is to educate security practitioners (myself included) about the range of security sub-fields and roles across the security risk management spectrum, how our fellow practitioners in these unique roles are protecting life and assets, and how we can become well-rounded practitioners to better uphold our responsibility to protecting all the things.

…Where I’m coming from

My career / education / life experiences look like this (in this order)

  1. Birth
  2. Get average grades in school for 12 years
  3. Join USMC Reserve as an MP
  4. Get a poli sci degree
  5. Work graveyard shift as a security guard at Disneyland
  6. Work in corporate executive protection
  7. Start a blog
  8. Work for a private investigative firm
  9. Work for a security technology startup (investigations, GRC, SaaS)
  10. Finish my applied psych MS program
  11. Finally earn my blue belt in BJJ (but still don’t know anything)
  12. Kill old blog and start this one w/ podcast
  13. …Currently aspiring to do physical security system design

Interests and activities

I love learning.

Topics of interest include psychology, all things security, human-computer interaction, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and stoic / existential philosophy. (Send me book recommendations so I can be less ignorant)

Also, getting outside and doing things that are difficult are a passion too. Running, hiking, lifting, etc.

Current project: studying for the ASIS PSP (Physical Security Professional) cert
Physical Security Study

Reaching out

I’d love to hear from you whether you find this podcast + blog useful, whether you think it sucks (and how to improve it), recommendations for guests / topics, or just to say hello. Reach out to me on LinkedIn, the “contact” form, or my email / phone if you’ve got it.

Transcript from this episode (#0)

*Note: this transcript was generated using automated software, and my not be a perfect transcription. But I hope you find it useful.

TL  0:00  
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the security student podcast, Travis Lishok. Here, this is episode zero. Today I'll keep it short and sweet, simply laying out my humble vision for the podcast, and the next 12 months of episodes. So let's get started

TL 0:32  
Why's the world need one more security podcast? Well, if there's anything that'll be unique about this podcast, it'll be the approach that I take, which is just the approach of a student. I've been in the security industry for 10 years. But if it's taught me anything, it's really how little I know and also how little experts in our field really know when it comes to broad security issues. It's kind of like, if you remember back, the Oracle said that Socrates was the wisest man in Athens, because he knew that he didn't know anything. 

TL 1:04  
So if there's any approach that I'm taking, it's similar to Socrates knowing that I don't know anything, I'm going to be interviewing a diverse group of guests, physical security practitioners, people working in fire life safety, InfoSec practitioners. So trying to get as diverse a group as possible, and also definitely be including a great amount of junior and mid level practitioners. Because when it comes to day to day operations, they tend to have the most knowledge when it comes to technical skills. They're the ones that are actually out there executing the work. So they have some awesome insights that they could bring to the conversation. So they will definitely be a big part when it comes to guests that are on the show. 

TL 1:50  
And the primary focus of the podcast, at least in the next 52 or so episodes is going to be a career focus. So how did the guests come to the roles that they're in today? What drew them, what competencies and skills are required for those roles, what they think about the future of security. 

TL 2:09  
And one goal here is for if there's a kid out there who's going to junior college, or maybe a 22 year old Marine who's about to EAS in the next six months, and they're thinking about their next career when they move on to the private sector, or they're exploring, or they're exploring roles in security. I want this to be a resource for people like that. Or even for people who are in niche security roles today, and they want to transition to a different area of security. I'm hoping that it'll be a useful resource when it comes to that. 

TL 2:42  
And then finally, I think one other useful thing about the podcast, I think, over time as we build up a number of episodes, interviewing practitioners from a whole range of different roles in security and risk, I think it's really going to help listeners develop, like a profile in their mind for how the roles that these different guests play, when it comes to protecting assets, how that role relates back to the role that listeners are doing today. 

TL 3:10  
And that's all I've got. I see the next episodes one through 50, to having some great guests that can really broaden the way that we think about security and risk so stay tuned.

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